You Usually Need Prescription Medication for Toothache Pain

by admin on January 9, 2014

Toothache pain is unlike most types of pain. It is a sharp type of pain that lasts until you get the dental help that you need. Apart from being caused by an underlying problem, tooth pain can also be caused by a dental procedure that is in the process of healing. If you are suffering from dental pain, then there are a number of solutions that you can take advantage of. However, if you have the ability, getting a prescription medication for toothache pain may be the best option, especially if the pain is moderate to severe. Below are a number of reasons to use prescription medication for tooth pain.

Targets the Cause of the Pain

You usually need a prescription for to relieve tooth pain because prescription drugs are extremely powerful and should only be given under certain circumstances. The most common types of drugs that your dentist is likely to recommend for you are known as painkillers, or more formally – opiates. Opiates are the most effective types of painkillers because they are able to target the source of your pain, which are the receptor cells located in your brain and nervous system. Once they reach the receptor cells they suppress the cell from causing feelings of pain.

Long Lasting Relief

Another reason that prescription drugs for dental pain require approval is that these drugs provide you with long-lasting relief. Most pain does not require the long-lasting effects. However, dental pain is an exception because it tends to take a great deal of time for the dental problem to heal. If you are suffering from dental pain, prescription drugs can provide you with relief for many hours, thereby allowing you to focus on other important obligations that you have throughout your day.

Increased Quality of Life

Finally, as the dental problem heals or as you await attention from your dentist, prescription pain medication can suppress the pain, which allows you to focus on important life obligations. Pain can oftentimes be debilitating, but with the right painkillers, you can get back on track with whatever you need to do.


Overall, prescription pain medication is great for a toothache. Prescription medication targets the cause of the pain, it provides you with long lasting relief, and it can allow you to have an increased quality of life. If you believe that you need a prescription drug for your pain, speak to your dentist.

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