Be Sure to Buy Codeine from Licensed Pharmacies

by admin on January 15, 2015

Prescription drugs are very useful in helping you combat pain that arises out of an injury or surgery. Codeine is one of the most popular prescription drugs due to its highly effective pain relief properties. When Codeine enters your blood stream, it targets the receptor cells in your body that are responsible for causing you pain. Once they reach the receptor cells, they mitigate they pain by subduing the cell. Codeine, like most opiate drugs, lasts for many hours, providing you with prolonged relief whenever you need it. Codeine is most often purchased in the UK as codeine phosphate combined with paracetamol in a 30mg codeine to 500mg paracetamol ratio. These tablets, cocodamol 30/500mg, are extremely effective and can be purchased at legal online pharmacies and shipped to the UK. Over time, you medical professional may find it unnecessary to provide you with a prescription. If this happens to you, then there are other options.

Buy Codeine

The first and most popular option is to purchase codeine from an online pharmacy. Online pharmacies are a great resource because they provide you with the painkillers that you need at a convenient price and with shipping. If you do decide to buy codeine from an online pharmacy, then you want to take care to purchase the product from a licensed pharmacy. There are a number of reasons that you should only use licensed establishments.



First and foremost, licensed pharmacies are much safer than alternative options. You can order codeine in the UK from pharmacies that are not licensed, but you are taking a chance. Pharmacies that are not licensed tend to provide products that are not necessarily the ones advertised. For instance, if you buy Codeine at a non-licensed pharmacy, then the codeine could be a different substance or a combination of two other substances. This can severely impact your safety in a negative manner because you can’t be certain about how the other substances are going to affect your health. In other words, you are rolling a dice with your health. Therefore, when you take Codeine, you should only do so when you buy it either by prescription from a bricks-and-mortar pharmacy or from a licensed prescription drug pharmacy online.


Lastly, licensed pharmacies also provide more affordable prices than other pharmacies. Because they are licensed stores, they can sell you their products from legitimate and quality vendors rather than black market sellers who try to increase the rate of their product due to the high demand. Overall, when you choose to buy Codeine online, you should only do so from a licensed vendor that has your safety and satisfaction in their best interest. Also, don’t forget to only take the required dosage. Codeine and other like drugs are very addictive, which means that you should take care not to over consume the drug.

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